Vendor Pricing

Pricing Policy

1) We do not charge any fee for signing up and registration.

2) We do not charge any additional amount for maintenance of store or insertion fees for listing the products.

3) We only charge for fulfilment/delivery and packing only if we are engage in providing these services to a vendor.

4) Seller/Vendor shall pay marketing fees to @ 10% of the price displayed at 

Payment Structure

Our payment method is very simple then others. We pay our vendors in every 15 days.

1) Vendor sells a product ------------------------->

2) In next 3 to 5 days order is complete ------------------>

3) On every 15th and last day of the month we release payments---------------->

4) All shipped orders before 10th will be paid on 15th and all shipped orders before 25th will be paid on last day of the month .