SuperDeals 3 in 1 Vibrating Sauna Belt

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3 in 1 Slimming Belt - Magnetic + Vibra + Sauna With Remote As Seen On TV Flexible Magnetic & Vibrating Sauna Belt In One Size Fits. All With Secure Velcro Closure Adjustable Heat Regulator Built In. To Power Cord Instruction Booklet And Diet Plan. Magnet therapy improves blood circulation, thereby avoiding MASSAGE THERAPY the massage belt consists of motor by which circular vibrations are generated, which reduce fat from tummy, hip, thighs, buttocks or any other. MAGNETIC THERAPY the Magnetized Blood Flows very easily improves blood circulation, therapy avoiding clotting and removing excess of Calcium Cholesterol and impurities from the veins and arteries. On the application of Magnets on the body the magnetic waves pass through the tissues and Secondary Currents are induced. SAUNA THERAPY offers many of the benefits of the traditional heat sauna, but has one big advantage; you can enjoy Sauna heat in the comfort of your own home! It product impacting heat which reduces pains and swelling and helps in losing weight. BENEFITS: Lose weight and ease muscle pain while sitting in your own homes. Portable and comfort to use everywhere. Great for abdomen, waist, back and hips. Adjustable temperature to enhance metabolism. Help flush out and eliminate toxins. Eliminates superfluous fat and beautifies figure. Sweats away unwanted fat. Magnetic & Vibrating. Improves circulatory system of body. Helps maintain health and tender Skin. Package: 1 X Magnetic Sauna Belt Anti Fat Vibrate massager Slim Waist Belly Weight Loss Instruction Booklet And Diet Plan. Tape Measure

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