SuperDeals Compact Water Spray Pipe with Gun Expandable Hose 15m50ft

Product Code: SD014

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Price: Rs. 608

SPRAY GUN HOSE PIPE (50 FEET) MULTIFUNCTION WATER Water gun sprayer Makes watering plants or car washing easier Can be used to wash your car, motor, wall, water your garden and etc Winds up easily without twisting Light weight, enabling easy moving The flexible hose is constructed of soft plastic material with nylon fabric braid jacket for comfort and durability With two ports, one port connects the tap and the other connects the gun-head Material: plastic, metal and nylon fabric Color: mainly green Length: 50 FEET (APRX) The spray gun included has 4 settings, so whatever your watering requirements this spray gun is sure to suit. Use it to try the different settings: Spray, Shower, Cone, Vertical, Centre, Flat and Full.

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