Gatsby After Shave Lotion - Musk

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Gatsby After Shave Lotion - Musk

This Gatsby lotion contains curative ingredients that will minimize the burn in your skin’s pores, which were exposed during your daily shave. This musk infused lotion contains a non-sticky, quick absorbing formula, that allows you to dab on this lotion even at that last minute as you're rushing into your car to leave home every morning. Enriched with aloe vera and marigold extracts, this lotion cools your skin immediately after the shave so you can steer clear of pain and razor burns. The fresh menthol in this lotion gives your shaved skin a cooling effect that minimizes the irritationyou experience after every shave. Though your razor strips your skin of all the natural oils buried in your skin, this Gatsby lotion feeds your skin nourishment and hydration ensuring that your skin is left moisturized for longer.

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