Stophere Flying Fairy Doll Toy with Motion Sensor for Kids

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Beautiful Flying Magic Fairy Doll Toy with Motion Sensor for Kids

Do you believe magic is real?

The magic is in your hands with Flying Flutterbye Fairy. A beautiful fairy flying with complete control through your hand. You can magically guide her with your hands and watch her gracefully flutter through the air - it is easy to control and watching her fly will take to fairy land.

No magic or fairy dust is required. The Flying Fairy came to life spinning around and taking off into the air straight up and then floating down but it doesn't end there. When the fairy descends put your hand under the fairies legs, it doesn't have to be too close and she will flying upwards again.

The Magical World of Flutterbye Flying Fairies

Welcome to fairy land without any effort. This flying Flutterbye fairy will make you feel that you have touched the ground of fairy land. When it will fly you can imagine the magic of it. Seeing it fly make your dream come true.

The Magic is in Your Hand

The best part of this fairy is that it controls through your hand and it goes wherever you take it. Its motion sensor helps her flying and dancing gracefully across the sky.

This will be a beautiful experience for every girl (age doesn't matter) watching a fairy flying in real.

Flutterbye fairy goes to sleep

When fairy is going to sleep or magic is not in the air then put her back in the base. Simply press down the button on the front of her stand to start creating magic together again.

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