How Does it Works

      It's very simple to sell at Stophere



1) Sign up as a vendor. Fill all your required information and register.


2) Stophere will verify all relevant details and will take action.


3) After approval you will receive online tool to access as a vendor at Stophere. Upload                                                                                                                        

    and edit your catalogue.


4) Login as a vendor, fill all details like Product code, Product title, pricing and



5)  Congratulation you are now live at Stophere and your product will be purchased by buyer. We will send

     confirmation to vendor and buyer.


6) Stophere will send you daily order summary and you have to fill it accordingly with full details.


7) Keep you product ready to courier on schedule time.


8) Stophere will picks up product or you can courier by your own (after our confirmation) .


9) Order finally complete. Buyer received and accepted the product.


10) Time for payment - Amount will be transferred to vendor's bank account as per aggrement.